8 common mistakes in flat renovations

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The integral reforms of flats bring with them a series of common mistakes that are usually made by the promoter of the work. Once the decision is made to make a change in our luxury flat, penthouse or villa, we are assailed by many doubts about the process. We often make mistakes on issues that we do not take into account when hiring a renovation company.

Things we should NOT do during the integral renovation of flats

1. Failure to clearly state the objectives of reform

It is advisable that the renovation of flats is done with a view to the future, so that you do not have to make a new change soon. Make a note of the needs you face on a daily basis to start adapting the home to the inhabitants of the house. If you need to remove the wall facing the garden to enlarge the living room, write it down as one of the objectives to be achieved with the renovation.

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2. Contact a professional only

When renovating a flat we should try to contact a professional and reputable construction company. The company should advise us on legal and technical issues related to the work. This information is essential to know that our construction is being carried out within the current legislation. For example, if you want to enlarge the kitchen in your penthouse by removing part of the garden wall, you will need to know whether or not it is legal to make this change.

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3. Requesting a quote without taking into account certain factors

When we are immersed in the search for a company of integral reforms of flats, we often overlook certain important issues that we should not forget. We often ask for a quote without thinking about details that are extremely important and that can affect the increase or decrease of the final budget.

For this reason, when requesting an estimate, we must be specific and detail what type of materials we want to use during the work: types of flooring, kitchen furniture, taps... Not all of them have the same quality, and therefore, not all of them have the same price.

If we have a fixed budget, which we do not want to exceed, they will be able to advise us on what kind of materials to use.

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4. Do not consider it necessary for the builder to visit the property before sending us the quotation.

A very common mistake before carrying out the integral reforms of flats, is to set a budget by the builder, without first having visited the house to be reformed. Bear in mind that unexpected situations may arise that may cause the final budget to vary.

For example, if we want to enlarge the children's room in our villa but we have not taken into account the fact that the floor is a different and more expensive parquet, the final budget will change, which can lead to disputes between the developer and the builder.

The visit of the builder will also help you to solve certain doubts and will be able to advise you on the best way to carry out the renovation.

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5. Not having the project drafted

During the process of carrying out an integral reform of a house, it is very important to draw up a project in which the proposals for the reform are reflected. In this way we will know if the construction company has understood the objectives we want to achieve. Communication between the renovation company and the owner is key to the success of the works.

6. Not having a works plan

When we have chosen the professionals of integral reforms of flats, we will ask for a work plan in which the steps to follow during the reform are written, so that we can monitor the deadlines to see if they are being met. This is very useful because in the event that the deadlines are not met, we will be able to ask the construction company for explanations.

7. Not having the necessary building permit

When renovating a flat, it is advisable to have a building permit authorising the renovation. If we are carrying out work in the garden of our house that affects our neighbour, we must have a permit authorising us to carry it out. Applying for the permit is not a complex process, it is very simple and can save you a lot of trouble.

8. Not to participate in the development of the work

It is totally advisable to participate in the development of the integral reforms of our home. If we do not actively participate in the process, perhaps at the end of the development of the work we will realise that some aspect has not been carried out as we wanted. And of course, never be afraid to say that you don't like something. Even though builders don't usually like change, 'better late than never'.

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