Antana adapts a garage in Madrid for its legalization

Building restoration for the legalisation of a garage in Madrid ||||

Within the wide field of building refurbishment works, Antana is currently executing, in the garage of a community of owners located in the district of Chamartín, in Madrid, the necessary adaptation works for its legalisation.

These works consist mainly of the execution of the installations required by the regulations for this type of use:

Ventilation installation. Forced extraction takes place through a network of sheet metal ducts, four extraction motors (two per circuit to ensure redundancy) and an expulsion chimney that carries the ducting one metre above the ridge of the building. The ductwork has been designed with respect for the existing installations, as the clearances were not favourable.



The chimney was placed between two windows in the stairwell of one of the rear facades.


Optical smoke detectors located in the ceiling of the garage covering the surface area set by regulations. In addition, CO detectors have been installed which activate the extraction network when the set point values determined by regulations are reached. The fire extinguishing network is carried out by means of a black steel pipe that supplies BIE (Equipped Fire Hydrant) equipment with a radius of action of 25 metres each.

Installation of fixed and timed lighting. Mixed lighting has been installed in the garage. On the one hand, a network of watertight fluorescent tube screens with timed lighting activated by presence detectors has been installed at the entrances to the garage and, on the other, a network of fixed lighting with low-consumption LED screens.

Other works necessary for legalisation.

The old chipboard doors of the storage rooms have been replaced by galvanised sheet metal doors with double grilles for cross ventilation. In addition, independent vestibules have been created and direct ventilation openings have been opened up to provide ventilation.

Additional works. The Community of Owners has decided to replace the old underground sewerage system with a new sewerage system using hanging pipes. This system facilitates maintenance, is easily accessible, avoids clogging and blockages, and is more economical. Finally, finishing work will be carried out, consisting of painting the vertical and horizontal walls, marking out the parking spaces and applying a layer of asphalt agglomerate to even out the garage pavement.

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