Antana, an example of innovation for Microsoft

Spanish construction company Antana, an example of innovation at the international launch of Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2017

The construction company Antana increases its productivity and improves its internal communication system with the installation of Microsoft Dynamics NAV and Office 365. These implementations have been chosen by Microsoft as an example of innovation in the annual presentation of Dynamics NAV.

Antana is a construction company based in Madrid but with a national scope. Until a few months ago, its administration system was manual. Due to its size and the scope of its projects, this organisational mechanism was obsolete and had several drawbacks. In a step towards modernisation and process automation, Antana has implemented Microsoft business management software, entrusting the transition to Goom Spain, an official partner of the technology giant.

With the intention of increasing the company's productivity and improving its prospects, Antana has implemented Microsoft Dynamics NAV and Office 365 software. Both tools involve the automation of processes and the abandonment of the manual system, which ensures greater organisation and a smaller margin of error that affects all areas of the company.

As the company grew, paperwork increased, sometimes complicating tasks. With the implementation of Navision and Office 365 integrated with Microsoft Azure, Antana has undergone a positive transformation that has increased productivity and significantly reduced costs. All the information, previously scattered in files, is now in a single system and accessible from any location and any type of device.

Microsoft Dynamics Navision and Office 365 have brought about a clear improvement in work efficiency. Automation saves time and simplifies tasks that were previously arduous and costly and therefore has an impact on the performance of the company and its employees. With Microsoft technology, Antana has seen its way of reporting or invoicing transformed to an action available at the click of a button.

Its communication system has also been simplified and improved. Using tools such as Skype for Business or Yammer, contact lists and workgroup forums have been organised in such a way that they are now accessible and organised.

The integration of systems in Azure is a guarantee of security, speed and flexibility, as it can grow in line with the company. It is also a way to save costs by being able to dispense with certain hardware equipment. The integration of Navision and Office 365 data also enables highly relevant predictive analyses for the future of the company.

Goom Spain, an official Microsoft partner, has carried out the implementation of the software specialised in business and business management.

Antana has entrusted this change process to Microsoft partner, Goom Spain. A software company made up of professionals with extensive experience in the sector who are always looking for the right solution for their clients' specific needs.

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