We are an architecture and construction company with the capacity to develop and coordinate design, project and construction works.

Antana: When we design we think in construction, when we build we respect the project.

Clients require comprehensive control of their projects and guarantees that their objectives will be met. For this, it is essential that the construction team is involved in the design and drafting phase of the project, assuming commitments on budget and delivery time.

"Our design, architecture and construction teams work in alignment with the objective of keeping the quality, price and deadline levels set by the client under control".


The customer is the beginning and the end of our business. Our vocation is to offer our customers excellent, efficient and sustainable solutions.

The involvement of employees and suppliers enables us to continuously improve our processes and to detect and solve problems at source.


At Antana we care a lot about people and the environment. We maintain and follow an Occupational Risk Prevention Manual and we submit to voluntary external audits that assess the implementation of this Manual. We also encourage the control of the carbon footprint of equipment and materials and circular construction through the use of recycled and recyclable materials.



Director General

Industrial Engineer from the Polytechnic University ETSII of Madrid and PDD from IESE.


Technical Director

Architect by the Polytechnic University of Madrid, ETSAM

In our quest for excellence, we consider it essential to have experts in all the key disciplines for the development of the project: design, architecture, engineering, license management and execution of work. This allows us to accompany our clients throughout the process and commit to their objectives.

In our project department, architects and engineers work with the client so that, from the beginning, design and technology go hand in hand. design and technology go hand in hand. Our construction department has its own highly qualified site personnel, which allows us to control the execution of the work. All of them, from the site foremen to the journeymen, have extensive experience in each of the activities they carry out. Furthermore, we only work with subcontractors and first class suppliers who are committed to our objectives.

"Antana's value lies in its team and its subcontractors. Extraordinary people committed to our way of understanding projects and works".


At Antana we are committed to the environment, to our employees and to society as a whole. This commitment is set out in our Corporate Social Responsibility Policy.

We have also developed an Anti-Bribery Policy to ensure that all our employees interact with the company under the highest standards of responsibility and integrity.

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