Building restoration


Building restoration must always follow a careful and calculated process, in accordance with the particularities and the requirements of architectural conservation. Antana has specialised professionals ready to take on this sort of commitment.

Building restoration projects


More building restoration projects

  • Scarcity of information regarding the state of the building.
  • Risks derived from structural problems.
  • Difficulty that may arise when undertaking a job (lack of access, insufficient work space, shortage of materials…)
  • Protection and recovery needs of protected elements.
  • Restoration of historic elements.

Building restoration activities

Foundations and structure

  • Foundation underpinning
  • Demolitions and shoring up of structures and façades
  • Reinforcement or substitution of structural elements with distinct pathologies
  • Construction of new builds


  • Waterproofing
  • Renovation of gutters and zinc, slate and tile roofs
  • Construction of new roofs

Façades and patios

  • Cleaning of façades
  • Renovation of façades (brick, stone, plaster, mouldings…)


  • Repair of sanitation and water systems
  • Installation of new systems: heating, air conditioning, electrical, telecommunications, PCI…
  • Installation of lifts

Restoration of historic elements

  • Restoration of stonework and forged elements
  • Recovery of plaster mouldings and woodwork


  • Painting
  • Flooring
  • Woodwork
  • Stonework
  • Etc

Advantages of choosing Antana for building restoration



The restoration experience of the Antana team enables the company to anticipate and adapt to the difficulties that this type of job presents by minimising deviations from the time frame and predicted cost.


Antana’s highly qualified staff allow the company to tackle projects that involve the restoration and renovation of historic buildings and a certain level of awareness, along with specific preparations.

Group vision

Antana carries out integral restoration works by bringing an overall vision to the entire project and considering the interactions each individual action may have with the rest of the building.


Antana’s Technical Office actively collaborates with the Project Management team for each restoration project in order to ease decision making in the face of any unexpected events that may arise.

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