The power of light, the importance of illumination

The importance of light in architecture dates back to time immemorial. The human interest in light and its impact on spaces makes it a differentiating element when it comes to creating and understanding architecture.

Louis Kahn said: "The sun never knew its greatness until it struck the face of a building".

If there is something that affects the image of a space in a transversal way and that becomes an indispensable condition for the architecture itself to be generated, it is natural light. It is an element capable of differentiating spaces and imprinting character on them.

Lighting brings an emotional value to architecture, creating experiences for those who enjoy the spaces in which it is properly used.

Today we use lighting as a complement to natural light, a fundamental element in creating spaces and even giving them the use to which they are put. Thanks to the combination with artificial lighting, the necessary balance is achieved, which translates into a correct chromatic appreciation and, therefore, in the well-being of the people who occupy the room.

The power of light, the importance of lighting (2)
Refurbishment of building in calle Antonio Maura 4, Madrid.

Excessive illumination causes discomfort due to overstimulation of the eye nerves. Conversely, poor lighting causes eye fatigue. Balanced lighting improves mood and contributes to a healthy working and living environment.

From an energy point of view, lighting accounts for approximately 20% of a building's electricity consumption. It is therefore inevitable to think about lighting efficiency when designing a space. It is not just a question of using energy-efficient lighting, but of providing the right lighting at the right time, providing the appropriate intensity and colour of light for the use of the space and the time it is occupied.

In conclusion, lighting design must strike a balance between the architectural consideration of the space, the well-being of people and the energy efficiency of the installation.

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