Turnkey. Antana's project for Venture X Spain.

The coworking workspace has gone from being a novelty to becoming a consolidated work style in most businesses. Beyond the concentration achieved or the cost reduction they provide, coworking spaces promote creativity and connect people, thus boosting their growth both personally and professionally.

The reality is that most of our days are dedicated to the development of our work activity. It is increasingly common for people to demand flexible, dynamic and profitable workspace models. That is why creative people looking for this type of space to develop their ideas, whether they are entrepreneurs or professionals from different sectors (SMEs and large companies) are increasingly betting on shared work environments to shape their personal and work projects.

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Venture X Spain entrusts its workspace to us

The North American company Venture X is aware of the need that more and more entrepreneurs are demanding. A need based on finding a professional environment that is aligned with the brand and meets the expectations of its employees. And that is why it already has franchises of coworking spaces spread throughout much of the world.

After a long journey operating mostly in the United States, the company has recently opened a new space in Velázquez street in Madrid. From Antana Arquitectura y Construcción, we are proud to announce that we have been chosen by the company for the development and execution of their project, together with Aretha, a company specialized in the universe of space equipment.

As the U.S. company explained to us, its main objective was twofold: on the one hand, to ensure that the new Madrid space reflected the brand's philosophy and values, and on the other, to achieve a differentiation associated with its premiere in Spain.

We were aware of the great weight of the project at hand. From the very first moment our intentions were clear: to create much more than a workspace, to carry out a unique and revolutionary office design. To develop a flexible, adaptable space with the possibility of transformation in the future. Responding to the constant evolution and updating that the coworking sector constantly shows.

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The future of coworking space has already arrived in Spain thanks to Venture X. It has its headquarters in the heart of the Salamanca neighborhood. And after a long period of work, Antana Arquitectura y Construcción can add "Turnkey" to its list of successful projects.

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