Office refurbishment


Antana designs, implants and refurbishes offices, developing the “turnkey” concept and executing all the architectural and construction works necessary for the client to develop his activity:
  • Undertaking of prior planning studies of the selected property with the aim of guaranteeing that clients can work effectively in it
  • Drawing up of preliminary plans and calculating initial quotes in order to facilitate economic planning for the client
  • Project planning and processing of construction and activity license
  • Taking of measurements and provision of definitive quotes
  • Undertaking of the project and production of certificates
  • Drawing up of as-built documentation for the project
Antana diseño e implantación de oficinas

Office refurbishment projects


Antana performs comprehensive office refurbishment through the development of the “turnkey” concept and by undertaking all the architectural and construction aspects necessary to ensure the client can perform his or her activity in the space.

Advantages of choosing Antana for office refurbishment



Through comprehensive “turnkey” refurbishment, Antana takes care of all the architectural and construction aspects required so that the client can carry out his or her activity in the space, therefore avoiding the dilution of responsibility between different agents.


Antana’s manpower and the experience of its office refurbishment team enable it to complete projects in very short periods of time by working in the shifts necessary to fulfil the client’s requirements.


Antana undertakes refurbishment works using closed measurements, which guarantees the price and finished product due date. Likewise, the quality of the company’s work is ensured through the provision of a guarantee when the work is completed.


Antana’s Technical Office prepares the as-built documentation for each office refurbishment project by gathering floor and utility plans.

Our clients


Antana’s experience in the design and execution of projects in workspaces has allowed it to position itself as a reference company in this activity, with a broad portfolio of clients from different industries.

Antana has a large portfolio of clients from different industries, having set up offices and work spaces from 200 m2 to 3,000 m2.

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