Modern offices, workspace design and refurbishment

Design and decoration of modern offices

Modern office design and refurbishment: A leap in productivity

There comes a time when a business growth spurt needs to be made. Unlike the adolescent growth spurt, which is spontaneous and involuntary but precise, workplace growth needs to be carefully thought through and measured, as too little or too much expansion can be counterproductive to the company's objectives.

"Workplace growth needs to be well thought out and measured".

Design and decoration of modern offices
Take a look at this project, it is a great example of how at Antana we do this transformation of workspaces.

In addition, as we grow, environmental, psychological and sociological issues are very important and need to be addressed with the utmost care. In these situations it is not all about more space, it is also essential to understand what the space is like, how it relates to the outside and to the employees, the degree of inspiration it gives back to the workers, etc... in order to increase production, renew it and speed it up.

Open space and interaction between workers

More space may well be needed. But how much more? The calculation is made by giving each employee a number of square metres, taking into account his or her particular workplace, interaction (increasingly important) with other workers, bathrooms, commuting... But it is also increasingly important to think about the common areas, which are becoming larger, more accessible, more integrated into the workspaces, favouring communication and collaborative work.

"It brings us fluidity, openness, modernity, interaction and communication".

This is what we know as Open Space, which brings us fluidity, openness, modernity, interaction and communication. Business processes bring with them little time to make decisions, so it is necessary to act by communicating, but in a direct, fast and efficient way. In response to these new needs, new spaces are born, new meeting areas for teams to interact in real time, without restrictions, without mental or architectural barriers. 

Design and decoration of modern offices
This workspace has been developed in order to facilitate interaction, click here to learn more about this project.

Antana takes this trend into account when implementing and refurbishing offices and their common areas, interpreting the details of the project with a modern and dynamic touch.

We are also specialists in solving a problem that is becoming more and more common... the case of modern office refurbishment for a company that cannot afford to have its business come to a standstill. To solve the issue, while the works are being carried out on one side, the business activity has to continue to take place intact in another wing. The area, without altering the day-to-day running of the office, is transformed.

"The area, without altering the day-to-day running of the office, is transformed".

Studies show that any change, however slight, increases productivity. This is not only because of the improvement brought about by the change itself, but also because workers perceive that management takes an interest in their well-being.

Design and decoration of modern offices
Design, capacity and open space come together in the design and renovation of this modern office, click here to see this project.

Office refurbishment is therefore an exciting exercise because it brings together concepts of productivity improvement with others of a psychological, anthropological and sociological nature. To harmonise all this, technology offers us many variants that we can learn to combine in order to grow in harmony and proportion.

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