Can Antana make you travel through the renovation of a venue?

Antana Reforma Local Furancho 1

The answer is yes. Yes, it can. And to prove it, we suggest you visit the Furancho Galician Food restaurant in Madrid's Ventura Rodríguez street.

Antana Local Reform

As soon as you enter, you are transported to one of the most traditional and "enxebres" corners of Galicia: the furanchos. These picnic areas were born to sell surplus wine and, at the same time, to offer something to eat. In the past, the winemaker would announce the beginning of the sale by placing a laurel leaf at the door of the furancho. This is the origin of the name 'loureiro', which is sometimes applied to the furancho, especially in the Betanzos area.

A refurbishment full of details

The Furancho Galician Food restaurant was designed and refurbished with this philosophy. Wood, hydraulic tiles, chicken wire... everything is reminiscent of these picnic areas and their magnificent food and drink. A rustic appearance, very much like a Galician picnic area, but with modern design and comforts. The facilities are of the highest quality to guarantee wellbeing. The acoustics, very well cared for, allow you to chat with friends.

Antana carried out the refurbishment in record time and with an unbeatable level of finish and construction details. The inauguration could not wait and everything had to be perfect.

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