Refurbishment of premises for a restaurant in the center of Madrid

Antana has been awarded the turnkey refurbishment of a shop in Paseo de Recoletos, in the heart of the capital.

This is a 500 m2 premises distributed over 2 floors in which it is intended to develop the restaurant activity. To do this, it was necessary to carry out urban planning consultations, conduct a technical analysis, draw up a project, process the building and activity licence and carry out work to adapt the installations and finishes.

refurbishment of commercial premises madrid
Paseo de Recoletos (a boulevard) in Madrid (Spain).

At Antana we provide architectural and construction services aimed at comprehensive refurbishment of offices and commercial premises, covering:

  • Preparation of preliminary town planning studies aimed at guaranteeing that our clients can develop their activity in the office or premises.
  • Drafting of preliminary projects and preparation of preliminary budgets to facilitate the economic planning of our clients.
  • Drafting of the basic project and processing of the building permit.
  • Drafting of the execution project and preparation of final measurements and budgets.
  • Processing of Building and Activity Licences
  • Execution of works and preparation of certifications
  • Optional Management
  • Drafting of the Project and Final Certificate of Work and Certificate of Acceptance

If you want to see some of the projects we have developed under this turnkey integral reform scheme, you can find more information through this link.

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