Comprehensive refurbishment of a primary school in Madrid

Antana Construcción completes the comprehensive refurbishment of a primary school in the historic district of El Viso in Madrid.

Architectural design is becoming increasingly important in the educational process. In the future, technological innovation will take centre stage and change the way schools are built.

Recent studies indicate that schools will become interactive environments where the role of teachers, parents and students will change considerably. The role of the teacher will be that of a guide and will seek to foster personal skills rather than academic ones, all of which will force schools to adapt their facilities.

The new forms of construction are embodied in flexible classrooms that allow them to be adaptable to teamwork, to offer different uses and different methodologies, so that their modularity acquires a great importance.

The future of education is linked to the design of its spaces.

Antana Construction has helped a primary school to adapt to these new ways of teaching.

On this occasion, we have collaborated with the architect Jacobo García-Germán, who has perfectly interpreted the new forms of education, creating shared areas, designing spaces that favour the daily flow of students and creating open classrooms that invade other spaces.

One of the great challenges achieved has been the conversion of a house representative of the historical rationalism of Madrid into a new educational universe where practice is the main form of learning.

Specifically, the entire building has been completely refurbished and has been divided into several actions:

  • Structural reinforcement
  • Removal of conventional partition walls
  • New implementation of air-conditioning, heating and lighting systems
  • Adequacy of the pavement for children's use
  • Installation of acoustic movable partition walls
  • Installation of intelligent lighting system
  • Adaptation of outdoor spaces and implementation of an urban vegetable garden on the roof.
  • Indoor-outdoor recreation: Library and theatre

Flexibility of space takes centre stage

Through this rehabilitation we can modulate the classrooms according to the academic needs of each moment, improving the fluidity of the space and greater interaction between students.

One of the examples of how architecture plays an important role has been the adaptability of the project to the itinerary that the students have to follow once they start their teaching day, from the moment they enter the building, leave their personal belongings, to the place where they will give their sessions.

The architectural elements have been adapted to this situation and the fixed partitions have acquired a permeable condition in order to further optimise the usable space of the school and allow all storage elements, such as school bags, school material, personal belongings, etc., to be placed.

The protagonist is the student, their comfort and well-being is fundamental, therefore, depending on the amount of natural light we can regulate the artificial light through an intelligent lighting system connected to presence sensors in all common areas, in addition, through the installation of acoustic panels we have managed to reduce the noise of the rooms and improve the well-being of the students.

Education is one of the factors that most influences the advancement and progress of society and in this advancement the adaptation of spaces acquires great importance. At Antana we know this and we put our experience and our service to the benefit of society.

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