Rehabilitation of old buildings

At Antana we carry out comprehensive building renovation work, specialising in projects and works for the renovation of historic buildings and the recovery of architectural heritage. 

Rehabilitation of old buildings

Building and façade renovation activities

Foundations and structure


Façades and courtyards


Restoration of historical elements


Advantages of hiring Antana


Our experience in rehabilitation allows us to anticipate and adapt to the difficulties that this type of work presents, minimising deviations in time and cost.


The high qualification of our staff allows us to undertake rehabilitation works of historic buildings and restoration of facades that require a very specific sensitivity and preparation.


We carry out comprehensive building refurbishments, providing a global vision of the whole and the interactions that each action has on the rest.


We actively collaborate with our clients and with other professionals involved (project managers, other architects, interior designers, landscape designers...), speeding up the decision-making process in the event of unforeseen events that may arise.

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