Underfloor heating in Home refurbishment


I would like to present a small graphic document of the underfloor heating installation that we have recently carried out in one of our home renovations.

As you know, this is a hot water heating system that emits heat uniformly over the entire surface of the floor that we want to regulate. As the hot air rises, underfloor heating is a very useful system for heating the whole house. In addition, to achieve a comfortable indoor temperature, underfloor heating does not need to exceed 50ºC as in other conventional systems, achieving greater efficiency at low temperatures.

The underfloor heating installation consists of:

- High-density polyethylene pipes through which water circulates at low temperature.
- Insulation plates that prevent the slab on which they rest from heating up.
- Peripheral insulation, to mechanically and phonically separate the underfloor heating from the partition walls.
- Distribution sets. Regulated circuits of pipes connected to a flow and return collector.



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