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Entrada reforma oficina agencia de viajes

It’s been already proven that the perfect office exists. It’s the kind of office where -as soon as you enter- you want to stay, sit down and start working. And it’s not only because you enjoy doing your job, but because the atmosphere also motivates you to do so. Office interior design must be attractive to the eye, in order to help employees feel comfortable. Can we just leave behind those sad, dark and colourless times, and add some cheerfulness to the workplace? After all, it’s a place where we spend a lot of our time.

Office interior design undoubtedly influences the productivity of your workers. A harmonious, pleasant and properly elaborate workplace is a fantastic source of motivation for all employees. They will successfully carry out their tasks and functions if the work space is nice and inviting. The primary goal is to achieve an atmosphere where both you and your employees will feel at ease, a place dedicated to work you don’t want to leave because you enjoy spending your time there.

We spend many hours of our day at the office, so it’s important to make this place as comfortable as possible. Allow us to introduce you to different modern office interior design proposals so you can start imagining what the perfect workplace would look like for you.

Customised office interior design for everyone

The following office design examples were carried out by Antana. Thanks to the extensive number of projects we have worked on, our construction company can boast a vast experience in office refurbishment and interior architecture. Below, you can take a look at some of our works, to help you get familiar with our office refurbishment subdivision. Each of these designs was adapted to our clients’ individual needs. We create customised designs to make you feel at home.

For this office design in particular we give preference to the use of white over other fair colours. White contributes to creating a pure and harmonious atmosphere. The contrast between the floor, the colour of the walls and the furniture gives way to the perfect balance. As a result, we find ourselves in a spacious and pleasant place for all the employees. The essence of the environment symbolises naturalness, freshness, and spontaneity.

The use of dark colours and the predominance of white grant this design an unbeatable elegance and allure, making for a cosy place for the employee. Such characteristics will certainly prove to be a source of motivation and will make you feel good. This colour scheme brings out the charm and fills the place with gracefulness and style.

Modern office interior design is for people à la mode. Such designs are so unique, you will want to stay in the office even during non-working hours. This design is dominated by the white colour, the colour of perfection and purity. Black and brown colours contribute to a simple, modern and delicate environment.

Amongst our office interior design projects you will also find spaces which are modern in spirit, but with a more classic touch. The following design splendidly combines dark and light colour schemes.  This combination makes for a very attractive atmosphere, giving our design a refined and elegant quality. Such serene environment helps employees feel much more at home.

Another interesting proposal in Antana’s modern office interior design is our bet on a more casual style, as you can observe on the image below. The characteristics of its lines and lighter colours give the place an ample and cosy appearance. It’s ideal for those who prefer simple and minimalistic designs.

Find your ideal office design with Antana

If you’re thinking about remodelling your office, Antana puts a highly qualified team of professionals at your disposal, which will be in charge of creating the perfect workspace for you and your employees. Contact us and we will design a place of comfort tailored to your needs. We offer modern, classic and elegant designs customised to your individual preferences.

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