Advantages: office refurbishments under the integral refurbishment scheme

Do you need a integral reform of office or premises?. Let's see step by step what they consist of and how working under this scheme can benefit you, which integrates the whole set of architectural and construction actions necessary for the implementation of a company in an office or premises; from the moment the client chooses the location until they start to develop their activity there.

At refurbishment of offices and commercial premises different actions will be necessary, such as checking the urban characteristics of the premises, the survey of the current state, the proposal for implementation, the drafting of technical projects, the preparation of the execution budget, the processing of the building permit, the project management, the execution of the works and the installation of furniture or the processing of the activity permit.


At Antana we recommend contracting all of the above actions to a single company, under the Comprehensive or "Turnkey" reform scheme. The most outstanding advantages are: single interlocution and responsibility, agility in decision making and security in terms of cost, deadline and quality. With Antana, this type of contracting is more economical as we include all of the above services in the cost of the execution of the works.

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