New housing projects and construction

At Antana we write new housing projects and we execute residential construction works of high qualityboth new construction and integral rehabilitation.
At Antana we have a passion for detail and for a job well done, which has allowed us to specialise in high quality projects and works and to position ourselves as a benchmark company in unique architecture and construction. Our highly qualified workforce and our experience in unique constructions allow us to carry out works in which performance, finishes and construction solutions have special relevance. We are also committed to our clients' objectives, guaranteeing high levels of service and quality in our work.


We have extensive experience in residential projects and works in which the details and the quality of the finishes are of special relevance.


The installations on our sites have a high level of performance as they are designed by our engineers and we work exclusively with leading brands and expert installers.


We understand our clients and we adapt to their modifications in distribution, installations or materials throughout the drafting of the project and the execution of the work.


We collaborate with our clients and other professionals involved (project managers, other architects, interior designers, landscape designers...) proposing constructive solutions, alternatives in installations and samples of different finishes.

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