20,000 leagues of constructive travel

At Antana, we know what it means for a person to trust a company to give shape to their dreams, that's why we want to go through the different stages of this exciting journey and explain how we try to optimise the customer experience from the first call to the delivery of the keys: Bon voyage!

The common adventure usually starts with a recommendation from someone we know who has already used our services, but on other occasions, it is publicity that leads new clients to contact us. In this case, we monitor the contacts, the people they have had contact with and follow up on their needs to ensure that both parties are aligned in terms of project scope, expectations and deadlines. Each client is unique.

This case is particularly sensitive as the degree of uncertainty on the part of the client is understandably higher, but since our main competitive advantage is the numerous success stories we have executed to date, we share dossiers of similar works and even physically visit the sites to make it clear that the level of finish is excellent. So far, let's say that we have not yet started the machinery, we have not started yet, we are planning the route of the journey, so we explain the stages point by point. We are already seated, with our seat belts on and ready to go. Ready, steady, go!

The first stop is frenetic and beautiful. First of all, a design manager is assigned to accompany us all the way. Through personal interviews and with a moodboard of references in the background, the client decides on his taste and expresses all his wishes and needs. On the basis of all this information, the team develops layout options, layout and composition, in a constant back-and-forth process until the final design is reached. Signal "fasten seatbelts ON".

The next stop is an intermediate stage where new partners join in. With the design, layout and qualities defined, the site team joins the process to draw up both an exhaustive budget of what is represented in the execution project and a planning adjusted to reality. At this point it is usual to make certain adjustments at the project level to ensure that the execution of the work does not deviate from the client's initial idea. Sometimes the time investment is frustrating, but it is necessary for the success of the process. Do not panic!

And we reached another very special point, the laying of the first stone. From now on the whole world of ideas begins to become reality and it is spectacular to see the progress day by day, week by week, the landscape is wonderful. Through weekly meetings, both the design manager and the site manager report to the client on the correct development of the work, compliance with the deadlines and inform them of any unforeseen events, which there always are. Houston, we have a problem but KEEP CALM, WE ARE ARCHITECTS, everything has a solution.

And we arrived at our destination. After a long journey together, it is time to gradually withdraw from the scene, hand over the keys and let the real protagonists live their dream. But not before we ask for an appraisal of the journey. We strive to make every trip special, but we always like to look for points of improvement. Important, we leave the scene but we don't disappear from the map! As good travelling companions, we will remain in constant contact in the following months to ensure that the experience is going as smoothly as possible. To the infinity...and beyond!

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