Antana completes the complete refurbishment of a single-family house in Aravaca (Madrid)

Complete Renovation of a single family home in the town of Aravaca near Madrid||

Antana has just completed the complete refurbishment of a residential building. It is a single-family house in Aravaca (Madrid), signing the project, project management and execution of work. The reform has been complete and has affected structural elements, distribution, installations and finishes. This residential house project includes the opening of new openings, the enlargement of the floor area and the construction of a new height. The total surface area of the project was 450 m2 and the deadline was 10 months. The result meets the requirements of the client, who was delighted with both the project and the execution of the work.

The openings allow direct natural light to enter all the rooms. The project includes a lighting study that analyses the evolution of natural light throughout the day in each of the rooms, the living room, the dining room and the kitchen.

A new floor plan has been built to accommodate the master bedroom, bathroom and an office. The new floor plan not only does not disturb the main elevation but balances and provides balance.

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