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Main façade of Majadahonda house refurbishment

This residential house project consisted of a complete renovation of the interior space and architectural elements. The results obtained have been extraordinary, in accordance with the client's requirements and in harmony with the surroundings.

Looking outwards

Although it may not look like it, it was originally a residential building with few openings, closed in on itself and with a difficult relationship with the exterior. A carefully studied refurbishment by ANTANA, which also took care of the interior redistribution, gaining up to 270 m2, and the complete renovation of spaces and materials, turned it, as if by magic, into an elegant, luminous house with a permanent connection to the outside.

Top quality finishes for a luxury home

Reddish Iroko wood, black slate roofs, pure white mortar walls and antique granite details give shape to a construction built around a green, evergreen garden, with hardly any colour. The house has gained light, spaciousness, style, modernity, elegance, peace and quiet... How? Through enormous windows that look out onto the exterior and lead to a porch area located under cantilevers. At its feet, like a carpet of vegetation, there is a clean meadow, dotted with old conifers that provide shade, palm trees, a few rose bushes and a perimeter of vegetation drawn in Corten steel that brings together slow-growing but evergreen shrubs. A water feature, with integrated access, covered with green tiles and still preserving the original granite border, opens up in the middle of this meadow, further emphasising and perfecting the idea of the perfect combination: house and garden.

But in addition to this elegant transition that the house makes to the outside, its interior hides details that move on the borderline between architecture and engineering. Sophisticated plumbing systems that avoid connections to avoid breakdowns, underfloor heating in which, very effectively, stone has been replaced by very dense wood (Ipe) with a surprising result, insulation with rock wool... ANTANA's solutions, modern and adapted to the project of the house and its owners, are, above all, efficient and solvent, with no room for improvisation.


The result, faithful to the demands and needs of the owners, is encouraging. The construction speaks to the exterior through the materials and architectural resources; the exterior replicates with much more light, almost fusing the green vegetation with the snowy white of the walls crowned with black roofs. A perfect fusion, supported by well-thought-out architectural solutions, where tranquillity, light and peace coexist naturally and in perfect harmony.

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