Construction details of home projects. Roof repairs

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Here is a small dossier about the new slate roof solution used for a home improvement project in Parque Conde de Orgaz in Madrid.

We proceeded to dismantle the previous roof, which had significant technical deficiencies due to its age.


We then began with the arrangement of counter battens of 60 mm, placed at 60 cm intervals on the inclined roof frame. Thermal Styrofoam insulation (with a thickness of 50 mm) was placed between these battens (photo no. 2). The next phase involved the placement of waterproof sheeting beneath the slates in areas of lesser gradients (photo no. 3), where the slates may not function as well as a technical solution.



Afterwards, we placed tiling battens of 50 mm perpendicular to the first battens. We then set the Galician-style slates (measuring 30 cm x 20 cm) on top of these (photo no. 4), fixed to anti-rust hooks that are then attached to the final batten, as you can see in the last image (photo no. 5).

For more information about other works, see more residential construction projects carried our by Antana.



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