Construction detail in housing projects and construction. Re-roofing


We show you a small dossier about the new slate roofing solution for housing projects and construction in Parque Conde de Orgaz in Madrid.

The old roof, which had major technical deficiencies due to its age, has been dismantled.

The first step was to lay 60 mm vertical battens at 60 cm intervals on the sloping roof slab. The 50 mm thick extruded polystyrene thermal insulation is placed between the battens (see photo no. 2). The next step is to lay the waterproofing membrane under the tiles on the lower slopes (photo no. 3), where the slate as a technical solution may work less well.


Subsequently, the second 50 mm screed is placed perpendicular to the first one, on which the 30 x 20 cm Galicia type slate is finally mounted (photo nº 4), held in place by stainless steel hooks that are fixed to the last screed, as shown in the last image (photo nº 5).

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