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Entrance refurbishment of travel agency office

It has been proven, the perfect office does exist. It's the one where as soon as you walk through the door you want to sit down, stay and start working, not only because you like what you do, but also because the atmosphere is inviting. Office designs should be attractive, so that all workers feel comfortable. Let's leave behind those sad, dark and colourless atmospheres. Let's give joy to such an important space as the workplace.

Office design is undoubtedly one of the factors that influence employee performance. A harmonious and delicate workplace, in which every detail has been taken care of, is a source of motivation for the employee. Office refurbishments should aim to make everyone feel comfortable.

We spend many hours in the office, so we must try to make it a comfortable space. Here we present different modern office designs, so that you can start thinking about your ideal workspace.

Office designs for all tastes

The officedesigns shown below have been designed and built by Antana. The large number of projects we have carried out so far gives us a great deal of experience in office refurbishments and interior architecture. We offer you some of our work to bring you closer to our small world of refurbishment. All designs are adapted to the needs of each of our clients. We create personalised designs to make you feel at home.

In the design of this office, white stands out against the use of light tones. The former manages to create an atmosphere of great purity and harmony. The contrast of the floor with the tones of the walls and the furniture create a perfect harmony. This design results in a spacious and highly attractive place for the worker. The essence of the atmosphere denotes naturalness, freshness and spontaneity.

In this design the dark colours, together with the predominant use of white, give rise to an elegant and attractive atmosphere. A very comfortable and welcoming place for the worker. Undoubtedly, a source of motivation that will make you feel really comfortable. This union of tonalities offers a space full of charm. This type of office design denotes a certain delicacy and style.

Entrance refurbishment of law office - Antana

Modern office designs are made for the modern day. These unique designs will make you want to stay in the office even during non-working hours. This design is dominated by warm colours. Shades of green and brown come together to create an evocative, modern, delicate and simple atmosphere.


Among the office designs that you can find, you can also find those with a more classic style but with a modern feel. The combination of tones offers an attractive and welcoming space. This design reflects the essence of a fine and elegant atmosphere that will make workers feel at home.

If you prefer, you can also find modern office designs with a more casual style, such as the one shown below. The shape of its lines and the use of colours offer the employee a fresh and informal atmosphere. This design is ideal for those who prefer modern and dynamic designs.


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If you are thinking of redesigning your office, at Antana we offer you a team of highly qualified professionals who will design your perfect workspace. Contact us and we will create a space tailored to your needs. Modern, classic, elegant designs... We offer customised solutions!

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