Technological revolution in office design

At Antana we are committed to technology as a competitive advantage in the implementation of offices.

If a few decades ago any discovery that meant a change in working methodology took decades to consolidate, now we find that in a matter of years or even months, a new launch is capable of generating a substantial competitive advantage.

There are a number of technological measures that we consider indispensable in office design to increase worker productivity and to reduce the space needed for implementation, considerably improving the company's productivity:

  • Integration of the space booking system: Allows you to check the availability of meeting spaces and book them from a simple App, increasing the efficiency of office resources.
  • Biometric access control devices: This is essential for controlling the flow of entry and exit to different areas, as it prevents personal systems from being exchanged between different users with different levels of access to the premises.
  • Audio-visual touch devices: Touch boards or touch projectors strategically installed in the meeting points allow transforming heavy meetings into dynamic exchanges of ideas, where all notes are recorded.
  • Adjustable furniture: This is undoubtedly one of the easiest ways to optimise the performance of each daily task with a single piece of furniture. Informal discussions on high tables and stools, long team meetings on low tables or simply adapting to the specific measurements of a user.
  • Videoconferencing systems: This is essential for close communication both with customers and with employees at other sites of the same company or who work telematically.

Although it may initially involve a significant investment, at Antana we have seen how in each and every one of the implementations we have carried out, the installation of this type of technology allows us to reduce the surface area required for the same capacity and increase the well-being of the worker, increasing productivity and improving the company's image, both for customers and employees.

At Antana, through our activity we help companies to grow in innovation and technology through the design of their offices and their implementation.

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