The 8 most common mistakes during complete flat refurbishments

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During complete flat refurbishments property developers frequently commit a series of common mistakes. Once we have made the decision to have some changes done to our luxury flat, penthouse or house, we probably have many questions about what this process entails. We often make mistakes regarding things we haven’t taken into account initially, especially when hiring a construction company.

Things you SHOULD NOT do during a complete flat refurbishment

1. Not clearly establishing the goal of the refurbishment

When you’re having your flat refurbished, it is highly advisable to think ahead in the future, in order to avoid executing more changes soon. Write down your daily necessities to start adapting your home to the inhabitants of the house. If you need to remove the wall looking into the garden to expand your living room, write this down as a goal to achieve during the refurbishment process.

2. Always contact professionals only

When we’re thinking of refurbishing our flat, we always must contact a professional construction company with a good reputation. This company will advise us on the technical and legal terms related to their work. This information is absolutely indispensable, so that our construction project is carried out within the legal constraints in force. For example, if you want to enlarge the kitchen of your penthouse, you must be aware whether it is legal or not to do so.

3. Requesting an estimate without taking into consideration certain factors

When we are completely immersed into searching a company to carry out the refurbishment of our flat, we often overlook important issues we must never forget. A frequent mistake is to request a quote whilst dismissing details of great importance which could increase or decrease the final expense. For that reason, when requesting an estimate, it’s crucial to be specific and detail the materials we want to use during the renovation: types of floors, kitchen furniture, plumbing fixtures… They all are of different quality and, consequently, have different prices. If we have a fixed budget we cannot exceed, our construction company should be able to advise us on the materials it would be more convenient to use.

4. Thinking the builders don’t need to visit the house before offering an estimate

Another common mistake before starting with the flat refurbishment process is to accept the construction company’s estimate without a previous visit to the house in question. Unexpected situations can arise, which will inevitably change the final estimate.
For example, if you wanted to expand the kids’ bedroom, but you didn’t realise the parquet flooring is different and more expensive, the final quote will change, resulting in unnecessary conflicts between the developer and the contactors. The contractors’ visit will also positively contribute to resolving certain questions and they will be able to advise you about the best way to carry out the project.

5. Not drawing up a project

During the process of a complete flat refurbishment, it is very important to draw up a project including all the details of the renovations to be done. This will help us see if the construction company has understood the goals we want to achieve. Communication between the company and the owners is key to a successful resolution.

6. Not having a work plan

Once we’ve chosen the team of professionals we will trust with the refurbishment of our flat, we should request an extensive work plan with the steps they will follow during the project, in order to be able to evaluate whether the works are progressing within the established time frame. This is particularly useful in cases when the deadlines are not met, because this way we can ask the construction company for an explanation.

7. Not having the required building permit

During the process of a flat refurbishment it’s advisable to have the appropriate building permits authorising us to carry out renovations. If you’re doing some works in the garden of your house which affect your neighbour, you must acquire the necessary license authorising these changes. The application for an authorisation is a simple process, but it’s a formality which will save you from a lot of trouble.

8. Refusing to participate in the development of the construction work

It’s totally advisable to take part in the process of complete refurbishment of our flat. If we don’t actively participate in the process, we might later realise something wasn’t done the way we wanted it. However, never be afraid to say you don’t like something. Even though contractors don’t like change, as the saying goes: it’s better late than never.

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