Underfloor heating in a home improvement project

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We would like to present to you a small graphic document about the installation of underfloor heating we recently performed at one of our home improvement projects.

Underfloor heating is a system that uses hot water to uniformly emit heat throughout the entire floor area we wish to regulate. Given that hot air rises, underfloor heating is an ingenious way of heating your house. In order to achieve a comfortable indoor temperature, the underfloor heating does not need to exceed 50ºC, as other conventional systems do, so this means it can lower the temperature more efficiently.

The installation of underfloor heating involves:

– High-density polyethylene pipes, through which the water circulates at a low temperature.
– Insulation sheets that prevent the heating of the framework that supports the system.
– Peripheral insulation to separate the underfloor heating from the partitioning, mechanically and phonically.
– Distribution systems, which are regulated pipe circuits that connect to a manifold.





You can find out more information in our residential construction section.

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